Justyna Steczkowska - Maria Magdalena 'All is one tour'

07.12.2019, godz: 20:00
pl. Powstańców Wlkp. 10, Zielona Góra, Filharmonia Zielonogórska
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My first name is hated, by nothingness absorbed 
My second name, Maria, shall bring comfort 
My third name, Magdalena, shall bring love 
I am there... Where the beginning and where the end is... 
Without being nowhere 
I am loved and rejected ... 
I am the curse and absolution 
I am the daughter of a priest... I am the daughter of a sinner... 
I am married to the night... I am the mother of the dawn 
I am the relief in coming 
I am the consolation in leaving 
I am... Husband and wife 
I am... The mother of my own father 
I am... The daughter of my own son 
I am... 
I give you back your lives 
Since you have taken mine 
I am 
Maria Magdalena
It's an extraordinary combination of club music and string orchestra and spatial vocals of Maria Magdalena - European singer, violinist and composer. J. Rene Kosik, club music producer and composer, took care of the exquisite sound of the whole. The project was born out of pure love for the Art. 
It's the music of our times, directed to sensitive people, as well as those who love intense club rhythms and unusual, even cosmic, space in music. 
Vocals, choirs, violin and production: Maria Magdalena 
Synthesizers, drums, sampling, programming, mixing and 
production by: J. Rene Kosik. 
Orchestra: Silesian Art Collective 
Lyrics: Maria Magdalena, Sarai, Meth Dears, K. Szabo

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